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22nd Jun 2022

Single-Sign On & More

We have now introduced a SSO to your cPanel directly from your account. We have also introduced a multi-tier service monitoring, so you can stay up-to-date with your server performance. For existing and new customers, we have introduced a redesigned domain page to make it cleaner and easier to see the top offers per domain per period ...

24th Mar 2022

Security improvements

Due to current circumstances and our promise to our clients to stay true and ensure the security is on point, we have no enhanced our systems to be more robust, resilient and secured than before. Personal protection and identification has also been improved to ensure your data stays safe.

30th Aug 2021

.EU, .DEV, .IO are now available

We have added 3 new TLDs and domains can be registered as .EU, .DEV and .IO! Go and grab one for you today!

16th Aug 2021

Premium Domains and Price Changes

Premium domains are now available for purchase! Make sure to grab your dream domain name now!


While the Premium Domains are now available, the rest of the domain prices have been reduced and they will remain like that! Time to shop and empower your business!


Exerax Staff Team